Catching up with friends

I’ve just got back from catching up with Friends2Friends. They are such a lovely, welcoming group of people. Their exciting news is that they have just become a registered charity and to celebrate the occasion they had put together and performed  a short drama about the group. This had focused their thoughts on what they wanted to do next May for their 2nd birthday, and was a bit of a ‘trial run’. They thought the format worked well so want to stick to the overall plan but alter the content for our work with them. Their activities are structured around five themes: fundraising, life-skills, activities, learning and socialising. They are going to choose one thing from each theme from the past 2 years to turn into a short scene so that they end up with a drama representing what Friends2Friends is all about.
I am going back to see them again at the start of November when we will write down the  5 stories. They are also going to look out some photographs of the events so that we can build up a picture to turn into the drama. We will include some songs as well for those who prefer singing to acting.
I’m really looking forward to seeing them again and hearing their ideas and plans.