Get writing!

Yesterday we had our second creative writing workshop with the Changes group in Burntwood. As well as poetry we had a think about more extended pieces of creative writing; ways of creating stories and characters and considering them from different perspectives. We had a think about using  the five senses to create images and also key questions – who, where, why, what and when? After a go at some word association and rhyming we used all of these devices to create a short piece of writing.

Gary and Mal display some of our word association and rhymes

It’s been really interesting learning a few ‘tricks of the trade’ – writers clearly don’t just chew the end of their pencil and wait for inspiration – it’s hard work but we have discovered ways of creating ideas and using them in interesting and not immediately obvious ways.
Many thanks to Gary and Mal who led the sessions – I’m looking forward to reading some of the work created as a result. I might even have a go myself!