Starting the research…

The first step of this project is to identify communities with which to work. I have spent quite a lot of time this week pouring over statistics and data relating to deprivation in Lichfield District, Cannock Chase, Tamworth and Burton upon Trent. Interesting reading. I really want to recruit some new Mysteries participants from areas of greatest need, as well as from areas where the Mysteries has had little or no previous input. Unfortunately and sadly,  there is no shortage of electoral wards to choose from. It’s important to be realistic;  I’m aiming to recruit 5 new groups of participants as otherwise the practical constraints of time, our capacity to carry out projects and funding would make it difficult to succeed.

 I have started by compiling a ‘hit- list’ of potential wards based on information taken from the following websites:

These resources contain a huge amount of information. I’ve use statistics on the percentage of people within an electoral ward with no economic inactivity, no qualifications and numbers of benefit claimants from the NOMIS website and referenced them with indicators for multiple deprivation from the Staffordshire Observatory website. These indicators include deprivation in respect of income, employment, health, education, housing, crime, environment, children and older people.  This information can be found here.

Information on the indices of Deprivation, taken from the Summary Cards for each district, found on the Stafforshire Observatory website, is contained in this document, National Indices of Deprivation.

I have already discovered alot about these districts. These maps give a clear overview of the statistical information:
 Lichfield District map
Cannock Chase District map
Tamworth map
East Staffordshire map

I have also improved my statistical analysis skills and my computer skills – I am already enjoying using this blog as a way of communicating and recording my progress. More to follow soon…