Future of Lichfield Mysteries in doubt

Funding cuts could spell the end of a decades-long Lichfield community tradition.

For almost a quarter of a century, up to 600 members of the community have been involved in the production of the Lichfield Mystery Plays, performed as a cycle every three years.

But the future of this nationally-popular event is now seriously in doubt as a result of lack of funds.

The next cycle of the plays is scheduled for next year, 2019, and there currently seems little prospect of securing the money needed to organise, coordinate and produce this free community event.

Accordingly, the Directors of the Mysteries are seeking new directions for the plays, allowing future generations to enjoy the legacy and tradition that has been established over the years.

Rick Hill, Chair of Lichfield Mysteries Community Arts, said: “We need a new insight into how this fantastic community activity can move forward. Our current thoughts are around helping smaller or school groups to perform the plays in a more contemporary style.”

With ready-written, adaptable, scripts, and a warehouse full of costumes, this new incarnation of the Lichfield Mysteries offers participating groups an opportunity to expand community outreach and provide a fantastic experience for their members.

Rick Hill said: “We have no option, but if we cannot get the local support to take the production of the Mystery Plays forward, we will have to fold – and that would be a sad loss to the community life of Lichfield.”

Schools, colleges, churches, or other groups who are able and willing to carry on the production of these plays, which have helped put Lichfield on the national tourist map and delighted thousands over the years, should email: jilltaylor@lichfieldmysteries.co.uk or call: 07729 883822.