Every little helps

What a smart green car…

I’ve just got back from meeting with Laurence Shenker, Lichfield Tesco’s Community Champion. Tesco employ 300-400 people at this store, making
it one of Lichfield’s largest employers. They operate on a variety of
shift patterns so large numbers of the workforce are unknown to each
other. Part of Laurence’s remit is to encourage staff activities and the
social committee have organised several competitions – Easter egg
decorating, poster making etc. These have not been overwhelmingly
supported and Laurence has concerns about whether we could motivate
people to take part in an arts activity. I think this sets us a
Laurence is going to sound out the staff and see if there is any
response and I am going away to think of arts activities which might
appeal and projects which individuals could perhaps contribute to over a
period of time creating a collaborative piece.
I will also contact other Tesco branches in the target areas – we might be able to do a project all together.

Hmmmm…thinking caps on….