Mystery Plays Explained


1st & 2nd May, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday

24 short plays performed by the community

Market Square from 11.30am

Wade Street Church from 1.00pm

PLUS:      storytelling     puppet theatre     art     poetry     photography     music

The tradition of Mystery Plays goes back to medieval times, and they were most common in the 15th and 16th centuries. Each play was adopted by of one of the Guilds of Merchants, who would vie with each other for the excellence of performance

Today the performing groups include schools, social and drama groups, as well as individuals who get together for the occasion. Each play is a self contained episode of the overall story. The finàle  involves actors from many of the other plays in the spectacular performance

Lichfield’s production involves over 600 hundred performers, up to 400 support and backstage crew and thousands of spectators. Our current text was put together by Robert Leach for the first modern performance in 1994, incorporating surviving fragments of Lichfield’s medieval plays as well as from other mystery play cycles