About Us


1st & 2nd May, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday

24 short plays performed by the community

Market Square from 11.30am

Wade Street Church from 1.00pm

PLUS:      storytelling     puppet theatre     art     poetry     photography     music

Lichfield Mysteries Community Arts


Who we are

Lichfield Mysteries Community Arts makes great community led art happen!

LMCA brings new and exciting creative opportunities to people.

LMCA helps artists produce great art that couldn’t happen without community input.

LMCA develops ambition and skills in communities and artists.

LMCA is local, and we believe that a thriving arts scene includes creating new art for where we live.

LMCA believes a thriving community arts scene should be the rule not the exception


What we do and what we can do for you

LMCA, through its Project Manager, offers a number of support options across all art-forms and crafts. We provide:

New arts opportunities, by collaborating with communities, artists and venues.

Support in developing events and or performances.

Facilitate access to broader arts networks and contacts.

Help with seeking appropriate funding sources for communities and artists.

Brokering between sponsors and outside agencies; bringing the community together with art and artists.

Celebration events through productions of ‘The Lichfield Mystery Plays’; an opportunity for groups and individuals to showcase their work.


What do we mean by community art?

Community Art is arts work which is generated by and for the local community. Often facilitated by a professional practitioner, it is the creative ideas of the volunteer participants which lead and determine the direction of the work.


Why is this important?

Community arts work is relevant to that community. It may address community issues, illustrate a community’s identity or be a vehicle for addressing diversity, inclusion, equality or simply developing talent. Whatever the reason, most importantly of all is that participating in arts activities is FUN.