A letter from a visitor to the Mysteries, Donald Judge:

First of all, let me say how much I enjoyed the Lichfield Mysteries on the Sunday. I’m so glad I discovered them just in time and made it from Manchester – well worth the journey.

I watched every minute of every play in the market place and then saw the grand finale in your beautiful cathedral. I’m sorry to say it’s the first time I’ve ever been to Lichfield and I was very impressed by everything I saw in the city. As promised, I brought Manchester’s famous sunshine. I’m sorry to hear the rain came on Monday, but in view of the recent weather, we were all very lucky to have a dry day on Sunday.

Most heart-warming of all was the involvement of so many in the community in this wonderful enterprise – young and old, actors, musicians and dancers, visitors from Europe and of course the backstage folk so vital to the success of the Mysteries. An amalgam of hard work, goodwill and vision, brilliantly realised and organised.

I’ve seen Mystery cycles in Chester and Pontefract but felt that Lichfield’s was truest to the spirit of the genre. I felt that leaving the presentation to the performing groups worked really well, and there were some wonderfully inventive approaches – I particularly enjoyed the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the dance-inspired numbers, while Doomsday was a fitting and very powerful finale.

Just to give you my background, I’m a retired primary school teacher and I’ve always been involved in music and drama, mostly with young people. I run a children’s music theatre in Bollington nr Macclesfield in Cheshire (www.fun.to/bfmt) conduct the (adult) Bollington Festival Choir, and am involved with the thriving Bollington Arts Centre and the forthcoming Bollington Festival in 2014.

I’m a keen amateur photographer and in addition to my Flickr photostream my pictures are on several websites here and in Europe, as well as in at least two published books – a guide to Sofia in Bulgaria and the Bradt guide to Eccentric Oxford. My images have also been used in publicity by Tatton Park and Buxton (Derbyshire) Festival Fringe.

My pictures from the Lichfield Mysteries are all in a set on my Flickr page at [ Click here ]

Once again, many thanks and congratulations for a truly outstanding achievement in presenting the Mysteries!