90 Costumes film

If you would like to be in our film, now is the time to clink on the link below and sign up http://www.agreeAdate.com/948068406DC9B07A0518D6D8735A3C81C00C It will take about 45 mins of your time and all you have to do is put on a costume and be filmed - no acting - no lines to learn. Being a film star couldn't be easier! It's happening on Saturday 8th November in Lichfi...
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Come and be in a film

  '90 Costumes'; the first of 3 short films being made to promote Lichfield Mysteries 2015.   We are looking for 90 people to come along, put on a costume, stand in front of a green screen and be filmed. No lines to learn, no acting required - just dressing up!This is happening on Saturday, 8th November, at Wade Street Church. We are asking people to sig...
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The rain didn’t dampen our spirits…

Congratulations to Friends2Friends for cheering up Lichfield on a cold and very wet Saturday morning and helping to celebrate our twinning weekend - you certainly did 'reach for the stars'. Ros and Tammy performed some of the poems written by the lads in Swinfen HMPYOI - very moving and beautifully read. Thank you all for supporting Lichfield Mysteries.
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Mysteries at Lichfield’s Twinning Weekend

This coming weekend, Lichfield will be hosting our friends from Limburg and Ste Foy and in the Market Square on Saturday (4th Oct), various local groups will be strutting their stuff on the stage to entertain our guests. Lichfield Mysteries have a slot at 11.45am - 12.15pm when we will be showcasing  some of our community engagement work. Friends2 Friends in action earli...
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